Cherry Blossoms

The passing train blocks my view of you
As I turn around at the familiar face
Changed with time, yet still the same.
I think I’ll see you again on the other side.

The train is gone
And so are you.
I could’ve sworn I saw you start to turn
But you didn’t wait for the train to pass,
Or for me.

Our intertwined lives were unravelled
By forces beyond our control.
What could two children do
But say goodbye and make promises?

I recall your hand in mine,
I recall your scent as we hugged goodbye
Under the cherry blossom tree.
Like those petals, we drifted apart,
Withered in the cold of memories old.

Here I am, still waiting for you
To come back to me
And make good on our promises of forever,
Made forever ago.

Petals wither and snowflakes melt,
Everything is fleeting,
Nothing is forever.
What were we thinking?
I smile as I turn away.
Maybe, someday…

A/N: I just watched a film called 5 Centimeters per Second, which inspired this poem. It’s such a beautiful film, and so real, it hurt.


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